Cue the trumpets! I’m so glad you’re here! Hi, I’m Mark Blade, the Self Help Mentor. Think of me as your trusted friend. I devour scientific research and rack my brain for ways to improve your life, and when I discover anything useful, I share it!

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This free personal development site is packed with scientifically-sound, self improvement advice for:
Procrastinators who want to become action takers.
-Dreamers who want to become creators.
-The joyless who want to become joyful.
-And the fearful who want to become fearless.

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Do you wish you could form a habit that would actually stick? Exercise. Meditate. Write a book. Work on a side business. Whatever life-changing, habitual action you want to adopt, I will teach you how in just 10 minutes. Plus, you’ll get a printable, 1-page cheat sheet. (Over 30,000 people have paid for my advice, but this is free.)

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So Are You Ready For An Exciting Life Transformation?

Ready For A Life Brimming With More Success, Fulfillment & Joy?

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Peek over my shoulder to see what things I use in my own life (the last one is literally a life-saver!)

Regardless of where you start, please commit to regularly investing some time and energy into improving your life.

If your own life isn’t worth your best efforts, what is?

So I extend a warm invitation for you to visit here on a weekly basis. Let me help kick-start your personal growth.

Please give me the pleasure of being your Self Help Mentor.

-Mark Blade

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