Hey, you actually visited this page! Good for you!

Because life is too short, I will try to be both informative and entertaining. But I am also being 100% serious. In order to cover my butt legally, I truly want to warn you to leave this site if you have any qualms about anything. To be safe, assume that this is the most self-serving site on the face of the earth doing anything and everything that is within the law in order to benefit me and not you.

Assume that anytime I (or this site) mentions, or links to, any product or service or anything else, even a pogo-stick, xylophone, or zebra (and let’s face it, especially zebras), I will be receiving a ginormous commission or payment or benefit of any kind (including even possibly the product creator’s first born child!). Therefore, you should also assume that any such mention or link is 100% biased. Assume that I (or this site) are total shills for that company, product, or service, and that perhaps we have even been hypnotized, Manchurian-candidate-style, to be promotional puppets for them.

Are you worried about cookies? Assume I’m the cookie monster.

Also assume that every information tracking, collecting, and privacy intrusive mechanism possible in cyberspace and the known universe (short of me coming to your house and staring into your bedroom window with infrared binoculars) is being done to you. And that this info might be sliced, diced, or sold to anybody anywhere for any reason, including for Chuck E. Cheese tokens. I may even, according to the instructions of the great, 1990’s philosophers, Bell, Biv, AND Devoe, decide to smack it up, flip it, or rub it down.

Also assume that if I ever, in a moment of probably drunken delusion, mistakenly tell you something to make you feel more protected (like if I ever say such-and-such info won’t be sold or shared, or if I state that I truly believe in this-or-that so that’s why I’m recommending it), even if that is currently the case and even if I truly believe that to remain the case forever, assume that I will sober up or change my mind at a later date. Or as a stuffy lawyer might say, all terms and conditions subject to change.

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